The Empowered Leader

How to Effectively Lead Yourself & Serve Others with Purpose!

By Nathan R Mitchell MBA

It's not uncommon for leaders to struggle. Leading others effectively is hard work!

Even if you’ve been leading for a while, you may have realized that you’ve reached a leadership plateau. You know you could do better, but for some reason you still find yourself managing a lot more than leading.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

In Nathan's new book, The Empowered Leader, Nathan will show you how you can navigate your own leadership journey more effectively, lead yourself well, serve others with purpose, and ultimately become a leader worth following.

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Nathan R Mitchell

"Its in that moment when we realize, 'It's not about me, there's a bigger purpose at work here, and it's my responsibility to fulfill it,' that a great leader is born."

What Others Are Saying

"Nathan is an experienced professional dedicated to helping others. His passionate approach to this subject is absolutely inspiring!" - Dr. Paul Chabot

"This fast-moving, practical book shows you how to motivate, inspire, and unlock the potential of each person in your business." - Brian Tracy

"Nathan's insight, passion, and sincerity of purpose is rare in today's business world." - Clay Clark

"Nathan knows what it means to overcome adversity and achieve success. He can help you do the same." - Craig Groeschel

Meet Nathan

Prior to entering the industry of leadership and personal development, Nathan served as a highly-successful retail executive and leader with a Fortune 50 company where he oversaw multiple locations and hundreds of team members.

Since starting his own business in 2010, Nathan has written books and articles on business, leadership, and personal development. His clients have come from a variety of industries; however, the outcome remains the same: empowering leaders and high-achievers to reach their full potential.

He is the Founder of Clutch Consulting and LPX Academy, an online, membership coaching program, designed to help leaders and high-achievers increase their self-awareness, lead to their potential, and have more success in less time.

LPX Academy

LPX Academy offers private and group coaching for leaders and high-achievers. At LPX, which stands for Leadership, Performance, & Multiplication, our goal is to help our clients and members increase their self-awareness, lead to their full potential, and have more success in less time.

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